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Dog astrology is based on your dog's birthday, and horoscopes for your dog follow the familiar western zodiac signs. You may have an Aries or Pisces dog, etc. Your dog's personality, mood and dispositions may be influenced by its zodiac sign as well as which type of pet you have. Capricorn cat, Taurus dog, Aquarius goldfish, we've got you covered! Libra kitty, virgo puppy, we've got your free pet horoscope, animal lovers!

We know you love your dog and horoscopes are great fun and with our free dog astrology predictions and dog horoscope forecasts, you've got the best pet horoscopes for 2009 on the internet. Whether your pet is a ferret, bird, snake, fish, puppy, kitten or horse, we don't have to tell you that each dog is unique and has its own personality. A loveable pussycat horoscope may not always apply to your Gemini feline, and your little puppy dog may have the heart of a Leo lion!
Aquarius   21January - 19February
"If your dogs is totally bonkers- it's probably an Aquarian"
"Sausages" and other smart Alec speaking parts on 'That's Life' were pioneered by Aquarian dogs for if a dog's being daft he's likely to be an Aquarian. An Aquarian dog has traits that other dogs would find strange. They'll perform in the circus, enjoy being on the TV, and may sometimes appear more human than dog. But their heart lies with their own species and they love to run with the pack albeit somewhat erratically. A happy Aquarian dog is one that is given as much freedom a possible for he just loves to be let off the leash.
Pisces   20 February - 20 March
"Piscean dogs will know if you're happy or upset"
Mongrel dogs fair best under the sign of Pisces for this is the sign that is said to contain qualities from all the other eleven signs. It's confusing being a Piscean dog. No sooner an idea springs to mind than another better idea replaces it. You may notice your Piscean dog pacing between the fire, his basket and bowl. The Piscean is also a salty dog and his favourite day out would be a walk by the sea shore. He may even enjoy eating fish! Traditionally Piceans have very weak ankles and paws so keep an eye on these areas should he start to limp.
Aries   21March - 20April
"Pets born under the sign of Aries are bold and adventurous"
As the first sign of the zodiac it is only natural that Aries pets want to be the leader of the pack. Take your dog into the countryside and he'll soon be picking up a scent or act like a trailblazer. Gun dogs, whippets, lurchers and hunting dogs thrive under the sign of Aires. Most Aries dogs cannot bear to be tied down and must frantically explore every nook and cranny in their environment. They want make their mark upon the world. He'll also be completely intolerant of other dogs, get into inevitable scraps, and will try to dominate every pet and person in the household.
Taurus   21April - 21May
"Taurean pets have a placid nature, except when pushed to the extreme"
The Taurean dog is loyal, faithful and easy to train. They make the perfect guide dogs and are great with children. They are big softies and everyone adores their kind nature. They are strong when young but get fat with age. It is rare to find an older Taurean dog that's not overweight. Their first love is food but a close second is music. If you want to keep your Taurean dog happy, play him some Beethoven- he'll sit and listen for hours and may even howl along. They don't move much, or very quickly, except on those rare occasions they are taunted or threatened.
Gemini   22May - 21June
"Gemini pets are intelligent, entertaining, and quick to learn tricks"
Your Gemini dog can never settle. They get bored so quickly that they require constant attention. They thrive in new environments and will love it if you ask a friend to have them for a few days. If you can overcome their impatience you'll soon be able to teach them tricks from playing dead to somersaulting through flaming hoops. They love to show off. With fleet footed mercury as their ruling planet Gemini greyhounds are some of the fastest runners of them all. But keep an eye on your Gemini dog for they are unfaithful and may run away forever!
Cancer   22June - 23July
"Your over sensitive Cancerian pet thinks it's one of the children"
Don't bark commands at your Cancerian dog or he's liable to burst into tears. Cancerian dogs are the most sensitive of all the zodiac signs and are likely to be very moody. They need to know that you need them and consequently require constant patting and reassurance. You'll be saying 'good boy' until your throat is sore. They make wonderful parents so you should allow them to have a litter if possible. They are also good with children and think that they are one of them. Your dog should have been born with flippers not paws for the Cancerian dog will jump into water at every opportunity.
Leo   24July - 23August
"Extrovert and gregarious Leo pets need to be admired"
King of the dogs, standing erect, the Leo dog is confident, fearless and proud. They make excellent police dogs and will fearlessly chase criminals, enter blazing buildings or sniff out bombs. Dogs praised for their bravery or pampered by royalty are more often than not born under the sign of Leo. Your Leo dog cannot bear to be ignored. Their vanity has no limit and they love to be the centre of attention. Leo dogs are fiercely loyal and would rather die protecting you than allow you to come to any harm. They make excellent guard dogs but may be scared of cats.
Virgo   24August - 23September
"Virgo gods are conscientious, clean, and love to work"
There'll be no unpleasant surprises when you return home to a Virgoan dog. They are the cleanest and most hygienic of all the pet zodiac. Virgoan dogs also like routine so make sure that you walk them at the same time every day and they'll expect to be fed on the dot. Sheep dogs and working dogs in general thrive best under this sign. They will work from dawn to dusk and enjoy being productive. Traditionally Virgo rules small animals so even toy dogs such as Chihuahuas thrive under this sign. All Virgoan dogs are loyal and expect the same steadfastness from you.
Libra   24September - 23October
"A pretty dog that naturally blends in with its surroundings"
You can't say no when those big brown eyes of your Libran dog plead for food at the table. Libran dogs are remarkably persuasive even manipulative. They enjoy the best that money can buy so throw away that old blanket and make sure his basket has the finest silk lining. Libran dogs hate being alone and will pine for you when you're away from home. They also need the company of other dogs and love peace and harmony in their environment. Their worst fault is that they can be ridiculously stubborn. If he doesn't want to go for 'walkies' you'll never budge him.
Scorpio   24October - 22November
"Scorpio dogs are loyal and expect absolute loyalty in return"
Scorpio dogs are either your best friend or worst enemy. They can love or hate with a passionate intensity. If you wrong a Scorpio dog they will never forget but will also not forget when you treat them well. The sign of Scorpio governs secrets and perhaps because of this, dogs born under this sign make the best trackers. They'll sniff out even the most subtle scent trail. This is the ideal sign to be born under for bloodhounds, cocker spaniels and any dog with an acute sense of smell. Also, the sexual prowess of the Scorpio dog makes them ideal breeding dogs.
Sagittarius   23November - 21December
"Brave active and bright the Sagitarian dog will always amuse us"
Pity the poor bitch who has a litter of Sagittarian puppies for as youngsters they are a whirlwind of hyper active energy. As they grow they become more controlled, muscular and sturdy. Large dogs such as German shepherds, Labradors and the Old English Sheepdogs fare well as Sagittarians as do long limed dogs such as Borzoi of Afghans. A fire sign with a planetary ruler of Jupiter makes these dogs exceptionally brave and lucky. They are very trustworthy and reliable and particularly suitable working for the blind. They have lots of character and know amusing tricks.
Capricorn   22December - 20January
"Capricorn dogs look old before their time"
They say that Capricorn dogs look old from the moment they are born but improve with age. The sign of Capricorn favours breeds that can withstand cold climates such as St Bernards or huskies and the practical earthly nature of this sign makes them unafraid of hard work. However, because they are Saturn ruled, they may take an exceedingly long time about anything they do. 'Walkies' with a Capricorn dog can be infuriating as they forever lag behind. They are stubborn and may ignore your commands or calls.