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If you found a wife for mating your dog in advance, things to do is to bide one's time. Unless female ready to accept the male, relationship is not established. Female show teeth is not ready for it. Females are allowe men to establish itself 8 days after the beginning of menstruation. This situation is characteristic of the female. Allows to smell when the men approached her. Meanwhile make it easy to remove the men back tilting to one side of the tail.

Some female dogs have very much depends on owners, need the presence of her owners to mating. Do not leave her alone if your dog is uncomfortable during her mating.

Should not be differences of serious size between male and female. Males should not be too heavy than females. If a male does not know what to do or female would be uneasy at the last moment, if one of you while keeping your dog's head to the other dog owners are recommended to give the dog to the normal position. Male excitation period is not enough for the mating. After two dogs are locked with each other. To try to split the opposite direction by pulling the dogs is not true. To expect this disjunction by itself and should not be bothering them. The mean duration of stay locked may be for 20 minutes. Mated to the success of this merger as long as possible is recommended. In fact, dogs like each other to be prisoners, were extremely surprised. This users want to leave as quickly as possible from the position. The highest chances of pregnancy in the day from 9 to 13. is recommended to breed.


If you decide to take puppies from your dog, it means take responsibility also birth and protection of puppies until weaned.

Mating dogs from 3rd anger period. Although from the 6-8 months from their anger to get into very early puppy the body is not recommended for all the physiological development is not completed. Before mating your dog, they should free from the internal and external parasites, and all vaccines are completed. So that way you will protect the baby against placental parasites can be passed to offspring. During absorption from mother to offspring about vaccines and antibodies will be made up their own vaccines will protect him from disease.