Our New "Bride & Groom" Candidates
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About Havlatavla.com

Havlatavla.com is a platform which aimes bring together dogs and their owners to find a spouse and facilitating their mating. Membership is free, easy to use and is enjoyable.

Apart from mating your dog, you can help its socialize with finding them trip and walking friends. The bride/groom candidates which members of the site will give you great pleasure to read their beautiful from each other pick-up messages and look at the pictures.

You can create photo albums with pictures, you can provide the most beautiful / most handsome by your votes. Members will be join events together with their dogs, meetings, and will be able to meet our other members family.
Our members will be able to take advantage of opportunities special discounts and organizations that will be done special agreements with some companies soon .
You can also invite friends whose have dogs and provide to join the site.

If you want to take the place Havlatavla.com you can subscribe now!