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Welcome to the premier Dog mating portal Havlatavla.

You love your dog and your dog love?s you! Give your dog the opportunity to find a soul mate, enjoy life to the full and who knows maybe end up with little puppies. HavlaTavla.Com is the new dog mating portal that can help you live your dogs dreams.
Havlatavla lists all types of dogs, breeds and owners together in one easy to search site that allows you the opportunity to find a mate for your dog and who knows perhaps a mate for yourself. Membership is free and simple. You can search by filtering city, neighbourhood, race and dog breeds to allow you to find the perfect match for your dog.

Enjoy looking at pictures of thousands of partner candidates and read their pickup massages. Help your dog to find its love by becoming our member so we can match the best bride/groom for your dog as soon as possible.

After REGISTER, choose the gender of your dog, and fill the form...
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