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Dogs need special care life like every alive. Dogs that can not be this special care later with some health problems impossible to fix may have to struggle. If you're thinking about getting a dog or if you already have a dog, maintenance a healthy life for your dog to keep some habits also easy when you practice with a few simple exercise can do more easily. Meanwhile, stray dogs can stay healthy, such as how questions can also come to mind. Let us not forget that dogs on the street arising from twenty-compliance with the terms and nature, and one can get rid of the disease on top of it, but one or two non-culled seekers is delivered not as healthy sound. We will try to provide dogs care with a chronological order.

0-30. DAY

During this period, all necessary care for cub will fulfill by it’s mother, there is nothing else you can do mother to offer hot and clean nest with high quality of calcium-rich foods. Parasite control should be done and prevent harm to the mother and nurse nails should be shortened when offspring in first three weeks. Little ones should not be washed, should be cleaned with dry shampoo. During this period of races will be cut off tail can be cut off tail.

30. DAY- 16. WEEK

This period will be busy with the vaccination. Veterinarians will see the appropriate dates starting from 6-8 weeks of puppy vaccinations against various diseases are. Before starting the vaccination program veterinarian will be control for the parasitic fighting again. Approximately the day 45th during this period offsprings were cut from mother's milk, you should give their meal 3-4 times in a day. Here will be beneficial to consult to applied your Veterinary about dog food regime. you should start the puppy's training during this period. You can see how well you are about education that can teach him where he can do to pee and dirty.

4.- 6. MONTH

This two-month period your dog's milk teeth will poured and permanent teeth will come instead of them. This period is the most appropriate semesters for your dog's to begin dental care and to get used brush the teeth. You should initiate to brush his hair every day and twenty days wash hair with the shampoo that your veterinarian will also fit. You should put cotton with Vaseline to their ears while washing your dog, must be thoroughly dry and brush after the whasing. After each bath the ears should be cleaned with antiseptic solution. Three meals a day your dog should eat food until six mounths.

6.-12. MONTH

You can lower two your dog meals during this period, avoid especially chicken bones couse of his teeth were completed. You must remove outside twice a day for play and the toilet. Females show the anger bleeding within this period. The mating behavior of males has already started. Do not mistreat them because of this instinctive behavior, do not care about the event, then turning to other games.


Now your dog has largely completed the development of the body. Although eat one meal a day should be enough consumed the daily amount, morning and evening, can be two times. The maintenance of a dog years and after should be as follows.


One or two meals is given a day. Should refrain from giving bone. Twice a day is out. Every day hair should be brushed with a suitable brush.

Teeth are brushed twice a week, ears are cleaned with an antiseptic wash solution, eye drops of lotion to eye care is 1-2 times.

Wash with a suitable washable dog shampoo once a month, recovery more prolonged feathers, nails be shortened.

Struggling internal and external parasites or stool are examinated every four-six-month. According to the feathers of a space should be shaved a four-six months, ears and anal sac should be cleaned by a person experienced.

Mixed and rabies vaccines with public examination must be made once a year that appropriated by Veterinarian. You should apply immediately to the veterinarian when you observe this type of anorexia, weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea, skin problems, coughing, or behavior disorders.