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Terms of Use:
The following contracts, between "Havlatavla.com" and "Havlatavla.com member" the membership contract. Become a member and membership to Havlatavla.com, INDICATES BOX MARKED textbox in the form that you “READ THIS TEXT AND ADOPTED” means to accept all the following substances. Therefore, please check box before you read the following text carefully.

This agreement shall take as long as membership continues.

• Extension of e-mail address is Havlatavla.com correspondence will be considered by members. This extension is sent to members with the exception of Havlatavla.com mail can not be held responsible. Members of the mailing address as their e-mail address in the form of membership will be accepted.

•The information entered into the membership form Havlatavla.com, all of the members will be considered was entered correctly in Havlatavla.com, by the false information certainly will not be held responsible. Owner and dog is essential that information be entered correctly.

• Havlatavla.com, may notify the information of members Havlatavla.com the other members whose want to find a spouse for their dogs. Members agrees advance to share of this information and can not complain because of the sharing of this information.

• Havlatavla.com would not undertake mattching the dogs to find a mate of every members. In the event of matches only the contact details of dog owners have given to other matches and is responsible for providing to contact. Contact information of the members of the dog regardless inability mating, not suitable mating, etc. is not responsible. After reaching the opposite side of Havlatavla.com member information that is not responsible in any way from the stage.

• Havlatavla.com shall have the right to demand members their wages because of the service. Wage policy and with all forms of payment to be left Havlatavla.com’s discretion.

• To sent message (your dog match was found) from Havlatavla.com to members following after 7 days payment is not made by members the deposit will lose the right, and this information to be shared with other members.

• Havlatavla.com members are known the password only itself and password protection belongs to the person. Havlatavla.com can not be held liable that problems may occur with the use of password.

• Membership Havlatavla.com is special to person. Lend or transfer may occur as a result of problems can not be held responsible for Havlatavla.com.

• Havlatavla.com reserves the right to use member profiles and contact information, materials and information about the dogs in the public sector.

• Havlatavla.com site members can not constitute a crime, contrary to the local and national laws or international agreements (the content constitute racism, on individuals or groups against hatred or harm to constitute the illegal activities about the informative, 3rd persons privacy rights or intellectual property rights in violation all kinds of insults, threats, crime, pornography, obscenity, etc.) has not created a situation, publish any kind of illegal information.

• Havlatavla.com, any legal right to take measures account content publishing and publishers against to have (counterfeit, forbidden, false) information that members enter to the without any explanation as an indefinite shutdown,.

• Havlatavla.com is not responsible for the content of the link or banner that presented site.

• Havlatavla.com member acknowledge transfer any field in the site can be accessed all of the content published of property rights to the Havlatavla.com.

• Havlatavla.com is entitled to use the information that contained in the database of his members and, convert to statistical information, use to advertising and marketing, determine to the site users overall trends, enrich to content and services.

• Havlatavla.com can take part in all media such as connection with the press - broadcasting and the Internet . Havlatavla.com is not responsible due to reflection to the media accessible areas of the site.

• The softwares and the designs are found in Havlatavla.com all rights reserved. The design and the database used in the creation of the site copying or use of the software is prohibited. Otherwise Havlatavla.com does not accept any responsibility may arise in legal disputes.

• Havlatavla.com is not responsible for technical inaccuracies may occur problems such as interruption, delay, etc. in the site, temporary service outage and a disruption in communication and delays in the site.

• Havlatavla.com members at any time may unsubscribe by clicking, , click the phrase "Delete my membership" page on the "Settings". Havlatavla.com is not be held responsible because of the delays that can perform the deletion process.

• Havlatavla.com can control or may cancel membership by reason of the content elements (photo or profile) which possible interaction between users ,violation of Membership Agreement or offensive, illegal, because of content threaten factors for the safety of members' rights,can cancel whitout notice the user’s membership that publishes the content in question.

• Substances contained in these pages, updates and changes on this page to specify the condition that can be changed by Havlatavla.com.

• Member agrees to pay losses and damages of officials, agents and other employees of Havlatavla.com which may arise of violation of this agreement may occur as losses, claims and accusation .

Privacy requirements:

• These rules includes obligations concerning the protection of member information collected by the Havlatavla.com. Havlatavla.com reserves, the right to make changes to this text, also publish those changes made by this text.

• Havlatavla.com is responsible for the confidentiality of private informations of members. Although this information will not be provided to third parties without your knowledge in, although this information as a result of any hacking attempt that if dissolution is not responsible for Havlatavla.com absolutely.

• Havlatavla.com records during or after recording the user directly offered by name, surname, e-mail address, gender, age, occupation and personal information such as IP addresses are not offered directly by the user.

• Havlatavla.com 'statistical information given by a member or a similar purpose available, but this kind of information can not be sold to a third person or persons, can not be given.

• Publish personal information is the responsibility of members on Havlatavla.com 's accessible areas.

• Havlatavla.com use "cookie" s for site usage and follow the continuity of operations within the site. These cookies may also appear by advertisers if it’s necessary.

• Havlatavla.com is not responsible for the privacy principles of the other sites can be reached via banners and links where located within the site.

• Havlatavla.com do their utmost to for the protection of members Login password but also this password protection is the responsibility of all members.

• Members update their profile at any time and to cancel their membership is entitled to apply for.

• Havlatavla.com has the right to cancel membership who act contrary to their membership agreement.

• E-mail addresses of members to make more effective use of the site or various banners such as special offers and to convey their advertising messages to be used only by Havlatavla.com.