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I could not find my dog's breed in the list, what should I do ?
All the major breeds are listed, but some dog breeds have different names. So if you cant find your dogs breed on the list, please let us know sending us an e-mail to info@havlatavla.com to check it.
I am not sure about my dogs heat period range, which dates should I enter ?
It is important to enter the correct heat period. However, when you are not sure please enter the nearest date for your dogs heat period. If you have some additional information about your dogs heat period, you can enter these information to the realted part.
I can not upload photo, what should I do ?
Please check your images to upload that it is suitable to the specified format and sizes. Also make sure that to not close the page before installation is complete. if you have still problem & you can't upload photos, please e-mail them to us and we will upload them.
I added my dog, I've selected my candidate, now what should I do ?
You have added information and pictures of your dog, you need to wait " Good news " our site manager. When we found most suitable candidates for your dog, you will be notified by an e-mail.
How can I contact Groom / Bride candidates ?
Our system is working based on the heat period of the female dogs. Before the heat period of female dogs you will get an e-mail with the contact information of the bride candidates. When you received this e-mail, you can contact with this candidate to arrange the meeting, for breeding.